Print marketing for Christmas - a guide to preparation

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PRINT MARKETING AT CHRISTMAS  – a guide to preparation

Christmas may be 6 months away today, but it is without question the busiest time of year, and in the printing industry this carries no exception.  With over 30 years in the creative industry we speak from experience.

Plan your Christmas print marketing early

Most organised businesses start planning and brainstorming ideas for Christmas long before the waft of a festive gingerbread latte has hit the high street, writing content for online marketing campaigns in the summer months.  Your print marketing is equally important and should work cohesively and consistently with online marketing channels.

From enticing customers inside with stunning window decals, to in store displays, there is much to consider by way of marketing materials, launching festive ranges of products and more.  Both high street shops and online stores will use themed Christmas packaging, and may need a whole range of tags, labels, stickers, gift bags and cards printed in the lead up. Christmas is the time where people like to indulge, and adding some extra sparkle to your print media with metallics or foil is very popular, as well as extremely eye-catching.

Any design and print work for new product labelling will need to be discussed some time ahead in order to meet deadlines for launch. With over 70% of customers deciding whether to purchase based on the label alone, yours need to stand out from the crowd and entice the customer to make that purchase.

For retail outlets, point of sale, displays and signage can play a pivotal role in ensuring your customers can navigate around the store with ease and find the products they want to buy, thus increasing sales. You are more likely to have an uplift of shoppers than at any other time of year.

Banners and posters can not only provide information but enhance the look inside, and many customers look forward to seeing Christmas displays in shops to get them in the mood for shopping and the festivities.


Christmas events

Print marketing isn’t limited to retail, and with many indoor and outdoor events returning, Christmas is a great time to promote your event with banners, posters, and a whole range of printed media.

From corporate parties to weddings or craft fairs, there is a huge variety of ideas to promote your products, services and business, and a lucrative way of generating new business and increasing loyalty amongst existing clients.


Branded gifts

What better way to say thank you to suppliers, customers and employees than with a branded gift.  Traditionally given at the end of the year, Christmas is the perfect time and could even be combined with your Christmas event or product launch. 

Choose a gift that will last and conveys your brand image – many people are becoming more eco-conscious and preferring sustainable alternatives of everyday items traditionally given as gifts.  Whether this is organic clothing, a diary, recycled paper notebook or water bottle, personalised gifts stand out and will be gratefully received, enhancing the relationship between you and your recipient.



Following the unpredictability of recent years, with lockdowns and the economy as a whole, the key message is that 2022 is set to be a strong Christmas in the retail sector *.

Events are returning, and despite cost of living rises many are looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the Christmas period, with Christmas being the number one occasion for giving gifts.  Thoughts are turning towards eco-friendly and reusable products, with minimalistic designs inspired by nature and the environment.

Gaining customers at Christmas can lead to an increase in sales throughout the year, with new relationships and opportunities to do business.

Once the festivities are over, there are also perfect opportunities to freshen up your point of sale or office environment, with updated displays and signage ready to welcome in 2023.

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 *source: Retail Week.

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